General Rules and Regulations

See below for the rules and regulations for the contests, competitions and night games.


These apply to all the Competitions

Contestants must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older

  • Be familiar with the operation of the heavy equipment being used (hydraulic knuckle boom loader, skidder, tractor trailer). All factory representatives and manufacturer demonstrator personnel are excluded.

  • Be, in the opinion of the Judges, of unimpaired faculties.

  • Register and sign a release form. Each contestant may only register one time for each event. Entry fees are $5 per event.

  • Wear hard hat, gloves and safety equipment specified.

Loader Competition

Loader Contest Checker Board.

  • The hydraulic loader to be operated will be a truck or trailer mounted loader with pulp wood grapple.

  • All competitors will compete at identical pressure settings.

  • Materials to be handled:

Checker Board Contest = 2 x 2 foot wood blocks (one by one) or

 Each Contestant will:

  • Have a one minute warm up period for loader familiarization

  • Be timed by impartial personnel

  • Transfer 8 wooden blocks, one by one, from red squares on Grid 1 to red squares on Grid 2 then return to red squares on Grid 1 for Checker Board Contest.

 Timing Procedures

  • Time starts and ends with visible signal

  • Time ends when the last block or log is returned to the starting position and grapple is placed on the ground in starting position.

 At Completion, 5 seconds will be added for:

  • Checker Board Contest: all blocks or parts of blocks which have been placed on white squares of either grid and for all blocks not returned to grid 1 in proper position for the next contestant to start loading.

General Information for Loader Contest (s):

  • Contestants must be present at their designated loading time.

  • Registration is taken on a fist come-first served basis.

  • Officials reserve the right to close registration in the event that more contestants register than can be compete in the allotted time.

  • All ties for cash prizes will be divided among those contestants who have identical times.

Four Man Team

The Teams consist of 4 Men, each of whom performs one phase of the simulated “Logging Operation”. Teams compete against each other and follow the sequence of a real logging operation. The cutter fells three trees following event rules and safety measures. The skidder man then chokes the logs and brings them to the landing. The loader operator and the cutter work together to “buck” the logs then load them on the truck. The trucker then hauls the logs to the finish line. The Team with the lowest total time is declared “Top Crew of the Woods”.

Truck Driving Competition

  • Contestant must have a valid NYS CDL License.

  • Drop of flag starts time.

  • Time stops when Maxi-Brake is put on.

  • Only reverse low range can be used.

  • Must back rig through obstacles to loading platform.

  • Can use mirrors only with door shut.

  • Penalty of 5 seconds will be added to contestants  time for each obstacle hit.

  • If you make contact with the loading dock you are immediately disqualified

  • Stopping within these ranges from barrier, contestants will have the following subtracted from time:

    • 6”  or less –  15 seconds

    • 7” to 12”  –  10 seconds

    • 13”  –  18” –   5 seconds

  • Stopping within these ranges from barrier, contestant will have the following added to their time:

    • 18” to 24”  –  5 seconds

    • 25”   to  36”  – 10 seconds

    • 37”  to  48”  –  15 seconds

    • Over 48”  –  20 seconds

  • In the case of a tie, a run-off will be held.

  • Truck will be returned to the starting gate by contest official.

Heavy Equipment Competition

Timing Procedures

  • Time starts and ends with visible signal.

  • Times may be posted for public viewing upon completion of event.

  • Contestants shall not be under influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Winner will be the contestant who has completed the specific competition in the fasted adjusted time.

Prizes Paid as follows:

1st Place – $50, 2nd Place – $40, 3rd Place – $30

  • Prizes will be presented at the Heavy Equipment area immediately after closing the event. Winners do not have to be present to win – notification will be made by mail providing your registration information is legible.

Skidding Competition

  • Logs will be numbered and placed in same general location for each contestant.

  • Time will start with contestant on seat of machine.

  • Contestant, on signal of Judges, will dismount machine, hook chokers on logs, return to machine, fasten seatbelt and proceed around obstacle course as directed by Judges.

  • Time will start on drop of flag and will stop when last log (or machine if grapple skidder is used) clears last gate.

  • A 5 second penalty will be added to contestants time for each obstacle knocked over.

Tug of War Competition

  • No gloves.

  • Work Shoes only.

  • Maximum members per team is 9 (includes two spares).

  • 7 members allowed to pull on each team.

  • Numbers will be drawn and each team will receive a number.  First team draws a bye on the first draw.

  • Best two out of three pulls wins.

  • Losing sides pull off against each other in a sudden death pull.

  • Winning sides pull off against each other in a sudden death pull.

  • Limit – 10 teams.

  • No sitting down.

  • If you are down too long, the judge’s decision on down team will be final in disqualification.

  • Contest pays 3 places:    1st – $100; 2nd – $75; 3rd – $50

Greased Pole Climb

All Contestants must register at office.

  • Five (5) persons on a team.

  • No belts or shoes – bottom person can wear shoes.

  • Draw for order of try up the pole.

  • Each team will have 2 attempts to climb the pole.

  • First run starts with number 1.

  • Second run starts with last number and continues downward to first number.

  • No contestant can touch to pole until start signal is given.

  • Top person must ring the bell.

  • Best time wins.  Time starts on signal given by starter and stops on the ringing of the bell.

  • Each contestant will be marked with team number; no changing of men once the team is registered.

  • In case of a tie, tie will be run-off.

  • Prize money will be as follows:  1st – $50; 2nd – $30; 3rd – $20